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First 72: Clubhouse Ebook

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BLOOM First 72: Clubhouse ebook

I joined Clubhouse on December 10, 2020. Late to the game, but very hungry to outlearn everyone. Clubhouse is an audio only, social media app with no requirement to speak. On Clubhouse, you can participate in different chat rooms on a wide range of topics. This ebook will give you a quick start on how to navigate the app and prepare you to leverage your expertise while using the app.

Please note: This app is only open for iPhone users only at this time, but anyone can download this ebook. 

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Meet the CEO & Founder:

Keona Henderson is an Entrepreneur, Author, motivational speaker and a boundless creative. Utilizing her experience in project development and public speaking. Keona founded Positive Women Meet Up, LLC (PWM), a power networking platform for women to connect, create and collaborate. Keona’s passion is anchored in pouring positivity into women and youth, helping them to amplify their passion. PWM empowers women to develop and launch their passion project, and create a positive impact in their community by utilizing their talents to amplify their passion.

Message from Keona:

In 2012, I decided to host my first informal meet up where I would invite a group of women to come together to network. I had no idea where to start, but I had a passion burning inside of me to start. I gave myself one month to plan and launch the meet up. I launched and now 8 years later, what started as an informal meet up has developed into quarterly sold out events and the launch of Positive Women Meet Up, LLC, an empowerment and professional development platform for women.

In February of 2019, after spending many years thinking about writing a book, jotting notes for my book and promising to write my book, I crashed. I procrastinated so long that I almost convinced myself I couldn't do it. I realized that all of the notes I jotted down meant nothing if I was never going to actually write the damn book. So I gave myself one month to write the book or stop whining about it. I wrote the book, self published and sold over 300 copies within the first 45 days!

As a direct result of these examples and plenty more, I am convinced that anyone can launch their passion project in one month! You just need to START!

What is a passion project? A passion project is that idea that excites or inspires you. It is a project you do for self-gratification or to positively impact others. Examples are writing a book, public speaking, launching a product or service, exercise, holistic health and wellness, sewing, blogging, etc.

Launch your passion project TODAY! Don't wait. If you need help, click the link below

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First 72: Clubhouse Ebook

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