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Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program

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The BLOOM Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program is a personal and professional development mentorship program that provides mentees with consistent accountability, empowerment, valuable resources and tangible tools to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. 


âś… Gives long term vision & short term motivation.

âś… Helps critically assess goals & determine if they are realistic.

âś… Engages decision making skills.

✅ ⬆️ Confidence & 🗑 imposter syndrome.

The P2P Mentorship Program Includes: One 90 minute strategy session to start ($900+ value), bi-weekly 60 minute strategy sessions each month ($1350+), weekly check ins each month ($200+ value), personal & professional development ($1997+ value), one FREE signed copy of the Passion2Purpose Workbook ($20 value-mailed anywhere in US), 2 item review + feedback each month ($150+ value) , 1-on-1 mentorship and constructive feedback from PWM CEO ($1997+ value)+ digital downloads: Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program workbook $57 value), Passion2Purpose Annual Project Planner ($21 value) & calendar templates ($99+ value) and more. 

3 month minimum commitment to start. You will be charged quarterly on a re-occurring bases. 


Why you are not achieving your goals: 

-You give in to self-limiting beliefs.

-You suffer from imposter syndrome.

-You are not committed to your goals. 

-You lack accountability and consistency. 

-You don't believe in yourself & others see it.

-You are not properly prepared for the opportunity.

-You allow procrastination and self-doubt to creep in often. 

Our Solution:

Register for Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program, receive private monthly personal and professional development strategy sessions with PWM CEO & Founder, trash imposter syndrome, unsubscribe to self limiting beliefs, identify your talents and passions, clarify your goals, amplify and monetize (optional) your passion project.

Who is our ideal Passion2Purpose Mentee? Creative professionals who are:

  • Ready to pursue and achieve the goals they set
  • Ready to amplify their passions and passion projects
  • Ready overcome self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome
  • Ready to invest in their personal and professional development
  • Seeking accountability, empowerment and valuable mentorship

Creative professionals who join the challenge will receive:

  • One 90 min Passion2Purpose Strategy Session
  • Live, private bi-weekly meetings with Keona Henderson, PWM CEO & Founder. Live meetings focus on a specific goal and topic.
  • Community, accountability, mentorship, empowerment and support within a safe space + mentorship and "pick my brain" sessions with our CEO & Founder.
  • Resources, tools, templates and tips to help you successfully launch your passion project.

BONUS for those ready to launch a passion project during mentorship process (ask about it after you join):

  • Free ad space for your launched passion project in the PWM Digital Directory that goes out to our mailing list (one free email campaign per client).
  • Content creation ideas, resources and tips
  • Information, tips and resources on topic of speaker development, project development and sponsorship acquisition.

What you will need to start this course and finish successfully:

  • $$
  • Flexible schedule for strategy sessions
  • Clear understanding of and commitment to your goals
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Zoom account (free version)
  • Free Canva account (optional)
  • Positive and productive attitude
  • A personal journal dedicated to notes from this course
  • Computer, laptop or cell phone with video conferencing capability

This course will benefit:

  • Creatives and professionals who are ready to identify, clarify, amplify and possibly monetize their passion and/or passion project!!
  • Those who have been procrastinating and can benefit from accountability partners.
  • Those who have launched a passion project before, but now need to revamp.
  • Those who have the passion, but don't know where to start.
  • Those who have $$ and time to commit to developing into a savvy speaker.

This course WILL NOT benefit:

  • Those who would rather complain instead of commit OR procrastinate instead of prepare and improve. 
  • Those who do not have $$ and time to commit. This is non-refundable - both the time and the money.
  • This is not for the unmotivated, people who won't participate.
  • Those who are looking to repackage our content. If you need content, we can gladly schedule a strategy session with you specifically for content creation.
  • People who will have a hard time respecting our policies and staying committed to achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

We recommend scheduling your 90 min strategy session directly after purchase at the link provided on your receipt. You must schedule and complete your initial 90 min strategy session within 5 days of purchase. If you fail to do so, you will incur a late fee or forfeit your initial 90 min strategy session. The date and time you choose for your initial strategy session will be your standing meeting day and time for each month. Due to the very specific time frame, no reschedules will be allowed unless it is due to a conflict in our CEO's schedule. 

This program is completely virtual and facilitated completely online. For best results, attend all meetings, keep your appointments and participate consistently. Due to the fact that our services involve sharing of our intellectual property, all payments are non-refundable. All strategy sessions and meetings are scheduled according to availability provided on our PWM calendar. Our PWM calendar lists our current availability and is updated regularly.

Mailing address is required on payment page for the Passion2Purpose Workbook shipment. Make sure the address is correct, as you will receive a shipment at that address. Books and packages will not be reshipped, payment will not be refunded, adjusted or prorated. 

Not sure if this program is a good fit for you? Need more information? No problem! We would love to chat with you. Schedule a consultation with us at

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Meet Your Mentor:

Keona Henderson, CEO & Founder of Positive Women Meet Up, LLC

Keona Henderson is an Entrepreneur, Author, motivational speaker and a boundless creative. Utilizing her experience in project development and public speaking. Keona founded Positive Women Meet Up, LLC (PWM), a power networking platform for women to connect, create and collaborate. Keona’s passion is anchored in pouring positivity into women and youth, helping them to amplify their passion. PWM empowers women to develop and launch their passion project, and create a positive impact in their community by utilizing their talents to amplify their passion.

Message from Keona:

In 2012, I decided to host my first informal meet up where I would invite a group of women to come together to network. I had no idea where to start, but I had a passion burning inside of me to start. I gave myself one month to plan and launch the meet up. I launched and now 8 years later, what started as an informal meet up has developed into quarterly sold out events and the launch of Positive Women Meet Up, LLC, an empowerment and professional development platform for women.

In February of 2019, after spending many years thinking about writing a book, jotting notes for my book and promising to write my book, I crashed. I procrastinated so long that I almost convinced myself I couldn't do it. I realized that all of the notes I jotted down meant nothing if I was never going to actually write the damn book. So I gave myself one month to write the book or stop whining about it. I wrote the book, self published and sold over 300 copies within the first 45 days!

As a direct result of these examples and plenty more, I am convinced that anyone can launch their passion project in one month! You just need to START!

What is a passion project? A passion project is that idea that excites or inspires you. It is a project you do for self-gratification or to positively impact others. Examples are writing a book, public speaking, launching a product or service, exercise, holistic health and wellness, sewing, blogging, etc.

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The BLOOM Passion2Purpose Mentorship program and ebook is a monthly personal and professional development resource for creative professionals.

$2,499 every 3 months

Passion2Purpose Mentorship Program

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